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We thank all our clients for their long-term confidence in Mizuho Trust & Banking (Luxembourg) S.A.

Mizuho Trust & Banking (Luxembourg) S.A. has been founded on 1st, October 2000 as a result of the merger of four banks (Dai-Ichi Kangyo Fuji Trust & Banking (Luxembourg) SA, Fuji Bank (Luxembourg) SA, Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (Luxembourg) SA and The Industrial Bank of Japan (Luxembourg) SA) while Mizuho Financial Group was gaining a foothold in Europe with the custody business.
The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg offers a stable legal and regulatory framework and a tax environment that contribute to the development of the financial sector. Luxembourg is the second largest investment fund centre in the world.

As a consequence, the financial institutions including law firms and accounting firms from all over the world mass in Luxembourg. The high quality of the social infrastructures facilitates the development of the securities-related business.

More than 2,500 companies from more than 100 countries issue international bonds.

In the meanwhile, representing the core of Mizuho Financial Group’s department for Global Custody, we all strive to prompt respond to our clients’ various needs in good cooperation with the actors of the financial place. In particular, we are increasing the number of human resources able to provide support in Japanese, with the objective to strengthen client support in order to continue to timely and precisely answer all kind of inquiry from Japan. Besides, a large variety of information and reports can easily be retrieved through our website dedicated function.

Our company offers and will continue to offer high added-value services. We appreciate your kind and continued business.
Mizuho Trust & Banking (Luxembourg) S.A.
MD & CEO Katsunori OBATA

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