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Security Agency

MHTBL offers a variety of agency services to support issuers or arrangers in their international capital market activities.
Our multi-lingual professionals allow for customer-oriented services which can be provided in over 5 languages, including Japanese.
In 1998, the longstanding experience has made MHTBL the first Japanese institution appointed by the 2 international central securities depositories (ICSDs; Euroclear and Clearstream), as their Common Depositary.

Core Services

Core securities agent services include the following products: 

  • Fiscal Agent / Principle Paying Agent
    For international bond/note issues, MHTBL processes payments of interest and principal between issuers and investors  
  • Issuing and Paying Agent
    According to the issuers’ instructions, MHTBL issues securities to under such programs as Medium-Term Note, Commercial Paper and Certificate of Deposit. We arrange payments of interest and principal to security-holders. 
  • Common Depositary / Common Safekeeper / Common Service Provider
    We safekeep global notes on behalf of ICSDs and update changes in positions held by Euroclear and Clearstream  
  • Calculation Agent
    For Floating Rate issues, we calculate interest due for the payment period based on predetermined conditions and inform all the relevant parties. 
  • Listing Agent
    MHTBL acts as listing agent for issues listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, one of the most attractive financial centers in Europe
  • Registrar / Transfer Agent
    We maintain a register of bondholders for securities issued in registered form and administers transfers of ownership


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