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Central Securities Depositories Regulation
Regulation (EU) No 909/2014 of 23 July 20141 (“CSDR”) lays down uniform requirements for the settlement of financial instruments, as well as for the organisation and conduct of central securities depositories (“CSDs”) in the EU.
Whilst the CSDs are primarily impacted by CSDR, the regulation also affects direct participants in CSDs (“CSD participants”), such as Mizuho Trust & Banking (Luxembourg) S.A. (“MHTBL”), and their clients. Indeed, in respect of any CSD, a CSD participant must offer to its clients the choice between omnibus segregated account and individual segregated account at the level of such CSD.
In addition, CSDs and their CSD participant are required to publicly disclose information regarding (i) the level of protection associated with the different levels of segregation (the “CSDR participant disclosure”) and (ii) costs associated with the different levels of segregation (the “CSDR costs disclosure”).
The following are links to MHTBL’s disclosures which will be updated from time to time: 
Should you have any questions in connection with the above, please contact your account representative or send an email to (for custody business clients) or (for fund business clients).  
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